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Nimble Wireless Stand in Charcoal Grey
Nimble Wireless Stand is Fast-Charging
Wireless Stand
Wireless Stand
Nimble Uses High-Speed USB-C Input
Wireless Stand
What Comes in the Nimble Wireless Stand Box
Nimble Wireless Stand in Light Grey


Wireless Stand


For iPhone 8 or newer, Samsung Galaxy S6 or newer, & other wireless-charging devices.

Includes a foldable stand and retractable shelf for charging upright or flat.

  • Optimized Fast-Charging:  Designed to wirelessly charge iPhone at 7.5W and Android devices, including Samsung, at 10W for the most efficient speeds available.
  • Charge Standing or Flat:  Includes an optional kickstand and retractable shelf for charging vertically in portrait and landscape mode, or when laying the phone flat. 
  • Charge Multiple Devices:  Charge your phone wirelessly, and connect a second phone or other USB devices, simultaneously, using the additional USB-A port provided.
  • Works with Cases: Compatible with most slim, protective cases. 
  • High-Speed Type C:  An included USB-C and input port supported by fail-safe circuitry ensures the safest connection, while managing power currents and temperature.

Charcoal Grey
Light Grey

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Why It's Better

  • Better materials: Made using organic hemp, recycled plastic bottles, plant-based bioplastics, and other naturally occurring materials for less environmental impact.  
  • Purposeful Packaging:  Our boxes are made of recycled paper with no harmful inks, plastics or dyes.
  • Signature Speckle Design:  Every product is unique. Made with soft-touch TPE, which requires less energy to produce, and uses the natural mineral crystal, mica, to create a design where no pattern is ever the same. 
  • One-for-One Tech Recovery Project:  Every product comes with a disposable pouch to use for sending old or unused electronic devices and cables directly to our e-waste recycling partner for safe, responsible reclamation at no added cost.
Wireless Stand