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Reuse is the New Normal.

Our Process

Compact Discs are made of polycarbonate. A highly durable & recyclable plastic. We start by collecting discarded CDs and DVDs. Using specialized methods, we clean, grind and compound them to create a new, high-grade material. Ideal for new products.

Why Compact Discs?

Since 1982, over 1 trillion discs have been made. Enough to circle the planet 30 times. Every month, about 3 million discs become obsolete. Most end up in landfills or are incinerated, creating a massive stream of pollution.

Take action! Recycle your Compact Discs & earn 15% off your next purchase.

How it works:

  • Fill a shipping box or envelope with up to 1 pound of your old CDs, DVDs, Blue-Ray and software discs.
  • Print a shipping label using the link below.
  • Send it to us for proper reclamation.
  • We'll turn your old discs into REPLAY™ material to create new Nimble products.


    Our Recycling Partner

    GreenDisk provides secure disposal of electronic media and other forms of techno trash. Through its network of strategic alliances, GreenDisk works closely with for and non-profit partner companies to create an innovative set of recycling services and recycled products, while creating job opportunities for workers with disabilities.