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Free E-Waste Recycling

E-Waste Recycling (U.S. & Canada)

E-Waste Recycling (Global)

Let's Make A Difference Together

It starts by limiting our environmental impact through smarter production means and materials. To go even further, we're working with the entire Nimble Community to reduce e-waste and plastic levels ending up in our landfills.

How to Get Involved

Use the free pre-paid shipping label to easily send old electronics, cables, etc., directly to our e-waste recycling partner for safe, responsible reclamation.

Thanks to our Community, we've already recycled over 66,000 lbs of e-waste, phone cases and compact discs.

Meet Our Partners

Homeboy Electronics Recycling

Our partners at Homeboy Electronics Recycling offer certified recycling and data destruction services to residents and businesses like us, while providing permanent jobs and training to people who face systemic barriers to employment.

Electronic Products Recycling Association

Our partners at ERPA--a not-for-profit organization that operates regulated e-waste recycling programs across Canada--works to ensure materials are collected, recycled and handled in a certified safe, secure and environmentally sound manner.

E-Waste Recycling (U.S. & Canada)

E-Waste Recycling (Global)