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PVC-Free Cables

A PVC-free overmold is used to ensure flexibility and efficiency, while meeting the highest safety standards to create a durable cable that is less harmful to you and the environment.

Built for Speed

Power up to 3x faster with Apple certified 20W charging for iPhone. Non-directional design allows for a quick and easy connection.

REPLAY™ Certified Recycled Materials

Made using a durable knit fabric derived from 100% recycled plastic bottles and recycled aluminum cable heads to further reduce total footprint by -6.42 lbs of CO2 compared to other available cables.

Plastic-Free Packaging

Made from recycled paper. Biodegradable. Zero harmful inks or dyes.

One-for-One Tech Recovery Project™

Every product includes a recycled plastic bag so you can responsibly recycle your old tech for free, helping close the loop on electronic waste.

2-Year Warranty

All Nimble products are built to last for years to come, and protected by our 24-month guarantee.