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Balancing our modern needs with those of the planet.

The Real Cost of Technology

Innovation isn’t slowing down. New products are introduced everyday. Meanwhile, the lifespan of your electronics is getting shorter, and waste continues to pile up. We believe it’s our obligation to counter this reality anyway we can.

One-for-One Tech Recovery Project

Imagine a world where all tech makers took full responsibility for their product--even after you’re done with it. This idea inspired us to include a biodegradable bag with every product sold. Use it to recycle all your old tech for free, and help close the loop on electronic waste.


Better Materials

80% of a product’s environmental impact is decided at the design stage. By exploring renewable resources and existing waste streams, we achieve high-grade durability and performance using recycled plastics and aluminum, organic hemp and more.


Plastic-Free Packaging

We know one of the most effective methods for any goods company to reduce waste starts with packaging. All our packaging is 100% plastic-free, made from recycled scrap paper with no harmful inks or dyes. Fully recyclable and biodegradable.


Honest Pricing

As consumers ourselves, we strive to offer the best products, using the best materials available, at prices that maximizes the value to you.

Enlightened Suppliers

We only work with suppliers who share our values on workers’ rights, sustainable materials, and reducing environmental impact. Our Supplier Code of Conduct summarizes our goals to ensure strict standards are always met.


Certified B Corporation®

We’re proud to be a Certified B Corporation®. B Corps™ are a new kind of business, focused on building a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Each meets the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. To date, we're among more than 2,200 Certified B Corps in 130 industries and 60 countries around the world with 1 unifying goal -- to inspire all other businesses by redefining success.

1% for the Planet Member

As a member, we've committed at least 1% of annual revenue to environmental nonprofits. This global movement builds, supports and activates an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthier planet.

Carbon Neutrality

To achieve net-zero, we've measured our 2020 carbon output (1,571 tCO2e); invested in carbon offset projects (biogas development, EV charging, wind energy & landfill gas removal); and developed an aggressive CO2 Action Plan to further reduce emissions from every aspect of our business ("8 Steps to Cut Back Carbon").

Public Benefit Corporation

As a registered Public Benefit Corporation, our charter dictates, by law, that we consider all stakeholders in decisions we make, including employees, customers, community, and the environment.