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Our Materials

We make products with fewer, better materials that don’t destroy the planet.

Responsible Premium

We select high-quality, low-impact materials for our products without sacrificing performance. Fully recyclable aluminum and plant-based plastics are used with no chemical adhesives. Our soft, durable fabric blends are made with organic hemp and recycled plastic bottles.

Internal Plastic Structures

Our internal, hard-plastics are made from renewables like corn starch or sugar cane. Lactic acid from the starchy fibers combined with metal catalysts create industrial resin pellets that can be melted down and used in injection molding machines.

Eco-Friendly Textiles

Fabric blends derived from 100% organic hemp combined with recycled PET plastics from water bottles and other single-use plastics. The fabric is applied over a hard bioplastic frame for an aesthetic finish, perfect for use at home or office.

Protective Aluminum Housing

Aluminum is a versatile, naturally-occurring element that can be used in many ways and is infinitely recyclable without losing much of material to waste. We use extruded aluminum to create a durable outer-housing, which is then anodized for added protection.


The manufacturing of our signature “speckle” texture uses naturally-occurring minerals and creates a design where no pattern is ever the same. Its found on all rubberized, soft-touch elements which provide lasting protection and a non-slip grip.