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Lifetime Warranty Policy

It’s not complicated. SUSTAIN GLASS is made to protect your phone screen.

In the event it does, you may need a replacement. Thanks to your free Lifetime Warranty, you’ll get one.

When you’re ready, click the button below to get started.

3 Easy Steps to Replacement:

  1. Complete and submit online form.
  2. Send us your damaged screen protector.
  3. Receive your replacement.

Before moving on…please take a moment to get familiar with your free Lifetime Warranty.

Terms & Conditions:

Which products does my Lifetime Warranty cover?
Only SUSTAIN GLASS Screen Protectors.

How long does my Lifetime Warranty last?
The warranty period begins the day you purchase SUSTAIN GLASS until you’re no longer using the phone you bought it for.

What issues does my Lifetime Warranty cover?
For any damage incurred during installation, or scratches/cracks suffered while protecting your phone screen, we’ll replace your SUSTAIN GLASS for free! You’re only responsible for the cost of shipping.

*Warranty does not cover damage to your device or screen as a result of normal use, since we’re unable to account for all incidents that occur while using our products. Unfortunately, it’s not an insurance policy for your phone.

Do I need to return my damaged SUSTAIN GLASS Screen Protector?
Yes. Once we receive the returned product, we’ll then ship your replacement. This process typically takes 5-7 business days after we receive the returned product.

Do I need proof of purchase to qualify for the Lifetime Warranty?
Maybe. If you purchased from, your purchase is already confirmed. If you purchased from an authorized retailer, you’ll be asked to upload an image of your purchase receipt, or email confirmation to qualify for a replacement.

What about manufacturing defects?
If you discover your SUSTAIN GLASS screen protector is damaged or defective before attempting installation, please contact us directly at Warranty claims for manufacturing defects must be returned to us in original packaging, and must be purchased from or an authorized retailer.

Do I still get a replacement if inventory is sold out?
Replacements are provided based on available inventory. In the event a replacement unit is unavailable, you have the option to 1) be sent a replacement when inventory is replenished, or 2) receive a store credit ( for the full value of your purchase price.