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How it works:

  • Fill provided recycling bag or shipper with your old, unused, or broken electronics or plastic cases (make sure to read the list of acceptable items below). 
  • Add crumpled newspaper or paper to fill any empty space in the bag.
  • Seal the bag and send it directly to our e-waste recycling partner for safe & responsible reclamation.
  • Homeboy Recycling will receive your e-waste or cases and responsibly recycle them, while creating work for people who face severe barriers to employment. The more we recycle, the more jobs we can provide within our safe and respectable work environment.
  • Please DO NOT Ship

    NO Non-rechargeable batteries
    NO Alkaline Batteries: AA, AAA, C, D Batteries
    NO Lead Acid Batteries
    NO Light Bulbs or Lamps
    NO Gauges or Thermostats
    NO Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    List of Acceptable Electronics

    Cell Phones, Smartphones, & Tablets
    Cell Phone Battery Cases
    Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries
    Digital Cameras & Camera Batteries
    Cords, Cables & Wires
    Headphones & Earbuds
    Beepers & Pagers
    Wall Adapters & Car Chargers
    Handheld Gaming Devices & MP3 Players
    Wearables & Fitness Trackers
    Hard Drives & Storage Devices

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