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REPLAY™ Certified Recycled Glass

SUSTAIN GLASS is made from 45% certified recycled glass. Glass can be infinitely reused without loss in quality or purity as it’s capable of withstanding endless crush-melt cycles. Compared to producing virgin glass, using recycled glass requires 30% less energy to create, and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 50%.


Plastic-Free Packaging

SUSTAIN GLASS packaging is made from 100% recycled paper pulp, and printed with water-based inks. Includes a built-in, single use plastic-free alignment system for simple, accurate installation every time.

One-for-One Tech Recovery Project™

With every SUSTAIN GLASS purchase, download a free shipping label to send any used plastic phone case for safe, responsible recycling. When you do, get 15% off your next purchase.

Lifetime Warranty

Accidents happen. That’s what SUSTAIN GLASS is for! If your screen protector gets damaged, you’re covered with free replacements for the entire time you own your device.