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Content Guidelines

Stylistic guidelines for creating Nimble social content. 

Portable Chargers

  • Show the charger connected to devices such as an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, Tablet, or Nintendo Switch.
  • When showing the charger at rest, focus on product features like the USB Ports, LED Indicator, & Cable Management.

    Wireless Charging

    • Show the charger connected to power, charging a wirelessly-enabled smartphone.
    • When the charger is at rest, show the charger connected to power in environment where it would be used, or group the charger with the Wall Charger and USB Cable.

      Composition and Framing


          • Product should fill 20-70% of the frame
          • Flat-lay images are encouraged
          • Use dynamic angles and color


        • Avoid busy compositions 
        • Avoid people and hands in all images

      Scenes and Backgrounds


      • Explore unique settings 
      • Use colorful backgrounds & include texture
      • Props should be kept to a minimum
      • Scenes should support the brand mission


      • Avoid backgrounds blend with product

      Color and Lighting


      • Natural lighting is always preferred
      • Keep images bright, colorful, and fully-saturated
      • Avoid black, muted, or darker backgrounds
      • Shadows should not distract from the product


      • Avoid filters and artificial light

      Focus and Depth of Field


      • Product should always be the focal point
      • Lower aperture can be used to blur background/foreground or focus on specific product feature


      • Blur Nimble's logo