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August 29, 2018

Three consumer tech veterans challenge their industry by creating better personal tech products using eco-friendly materials, lower prices and a plan for addressing the e-waste problem.

Costa Mesa, Calif., (August 29, 2018) -- Nimble--a consumer tech brand committed to creating high-quality, eco-friendly tech products at lower costs--announced its launch today. The direct-to-consumer startup also introduced its wireless charging products and 18W USB Type-C PD portable chargers as the first of many product categories to come.

Leveraging the industry experience of its co-founders, Nimble wants to change how people think about the technology they use every day and its impact on the world.

To accomplish this, Nimble focuses on beautiful design and leading performance; using sustainable materials for products and packaging; holding suppliers to strict guidelines; providing transparency around production and pricing; and addressing the growing problem of electronic waste through a recycling initiative tied to the purchase of every product.

“We believe people should know how their products are made, where they come from and what the impact is on the world,” said Ross Howe, CEO and Co-Founder of Nimble. “Simply put, we make great personal tech products, more thoughtfully.”

Low-Impact Materials:

Nimble products use plant-based bioplastics; fabric made from 100% organic hemp and recycled PET from plastic bottles; recyclable aluminum; zero paints or toxic substances; and each includes a signature speckle TPE texture made with natural mineral crystals to create a design unique to every product.

Nimble’s plastic-free packaging is 100% recycled scrap paper with no harmful inks, adhesives or dyes; making it 100% compostable.

Along with low-impact materials, Nimble prioritizes product reliability, and exclusive features.

Wireless Charging:

The Nimble Wireless Pad is a high-output, Qi-enabled wireless charging pad for powering all latest iPhones at 7.5W and other smartphones at up to 10W. It includes a USB Type-C high-speed charging input port, and an extra USB-A output port to charge a second device, simultaneously.

The Nimble Wireless Travel Kit pairs the Wireless Pad with the Nimble Dual USB Wall Charger, which offers built-in cable management and two high-speed charging ports. It magnetically connects with the Wireless Pad to form a compact shell for optimal portability.

The Nimble Wireless Convertible Stand is a high-output, Qi-enabled charging pad for charging all latest iPhones at 7.5W and other smartphones at up to 10W. It includes a kickstand for charging phones upright or lying flat, a USB Type-C high-speed charging input port, and an extra USB-A output port for charging a second device.

The Nimble Wireless Dual Pad is a high-output, Qi-enabled charging pad for powering two smartphones simultaneously. Charges iPhones, Samsung phones, and other Qi-enabled phones at 5W, 7.5W or 10W, and includes a USB Type-C high-speed charging input port.

The Wireless Pad, Wireless Dual Pad and Wireless Stand come with a QC 3.0 USB wall charger and high-speed USB-A to USB-C cable. The Dual USB Wall Charger is also compatible with any wireless product for convenient cable management and portability.

Portable Chargers:

Nimble offers four different portable chargers to safely fast-charge any mobile device including smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, wearables and more.

Nimble Portable Chargers are available in 10K, 13K, 20K and 26K mAh capacities and include a 18W USB Type-C PD fast-charging input/output port and QC 3.0 quick-charging USB-A port for charging 3x faster than standard phone chargers; up to four charging output ports; and a multi-color LED gauge to monitor battery levels and charging modes. All are housed in premium, recyclable aluminum.

A detachable, magnetic cable management feature provides a distinct option for avoiding the often messy task of untangling cables while traveling.

Recycling Initiative:
In partnership with Homeboy Electronics Recycling, Nimble is introducing the One-for-One Tech Recovery Project. To help offset the growing amount of e-waste, Nimble will recycle up to one pound of e-waste for every product sold.

Each product comes with an envelope for mailing in old or unused electronics directly to Homeboy for proper reclamation. Nimble also provides a free shipping label, which customers can print from its website.

Nimble is committed to becoming e-waste neutral by 2022 through recovery of an equal amount of e-waste as it adds in new products each year.

Based in Los Angeles, Homeboy Electronics Recycling offers certified and secure recycling and data destruction services to businesses, governmental organizations and residences while providing permanent jobs for women and men who face systemic barriers to employment.

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Nimble is a California company and creator of ethically-produced technology products, committed to improving social and environmental standards of the consumer electronics industry. Visit and follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (@nimbleforgood).