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2022 Impact Report

FY2022 Impact Report. 

The purpose of our annual Impact Report is to provide all stakeholders–customers, employees, partners, shareholders, our community, and the environment–with a clear overview of key company initiatives, and the progress made on climate action, supporting circularity, and inspiring accountability across our industry and beyond.
Nimble exists to prove that by doing business more ethically and achieving positive outcomes, all stakeholders will benefit from a more equitable economy and a healthier planet. In 2022, we made promising breakthroughs in product development, distribution, waste diversion, recycling, reuse, and ecological conservation. All grounded in an evolving support system for every person carrying out the Nimble mission.

As CEO and Co-founder Ross Howe explains, “Ultimately, our motivation as a company is to make the old way of doing things obsolete…immediately. Humanity’s collective vision for a more hopeful future depends on it.”

Climate Action 

Following a slight downturn in global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions during the pandemic, rising CO2e output is back on track to break new records. Our industry is responsible for about 3.7% of GHG, annually. Considering current growth trends for personal technology, this level is predicted to hit 14% by 2040.
As product makers, we understand that we’re answerable for our own impact on Earth’s climate yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Climate change is already impacting public health, food and water security, migration, and peace. If left unchecked, climate change will roll back the gains made over the last decades and make progress impossible. Last year, we focused on accelerating the results needed by further cleaning up our supply chain, and investing in measures beyond our value chain to earn Climate Neutral Certification for the second year in a row.

“When it comes to fighting climate change, every minute counts. CO2e reduction must permeate every aspect of business until climate action becomes the centerpiece for all corporate decisions, everywhere,” said Kevin Malinowski, Co-founder.


In a circular economy, “systems and products are designed to eliminate waste by enabling the recovery and reuse of all materials at the highest value possible, at all times,” according to David Greenfield, Vice President of the Circular Economy Institute.
As the mobile industry leaders in sustainable material development, we constantly explore different waste streams to turn into high-grade materials for new products. In 2022, we expanded our library of proprietary REPLAY™ certified post-consumer & post-industrial materials to include recycled glass, and reduced the size of our already 100% plastic-free recycled paper packaging to divert 300,000 lbs of waste away from landfills and aquatic ecosystems.

FY2022 Impact Report.

Another massive issue that retailers, manufactures and customers alike must all work to overcome is the surge of electronic waste. By 2030, it’s estimated humans will produce over 74 miIlion metric tons of new e-waste each year.

It’s our belief that every electronics company is responsible for at least the amount of waste they create. In 2022, we successfully reclaimed and processed the most waste in the history of our free nationwide recycling programs, while expanding access to our drop-off program to over 1,500 locations.


True accountability is more than making commitments; it’s about transparency. We’re determined to improve the social and environmental standards of our business through responsible design, employee wellness, workers’ rights, measurable results, and public reporting.

As a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) and Certified B Corp, we’re legally required to update all stakeholders on how we promote and advance our purpose, and consider them when making business decisions. From reporting environmental action results and policy advocacy to enriching employee welfare and conducting supplier audits, we’re dedicated to helping shape an economy that works for everyone.

To learn more about Nimble’s progress, and view our full Impact Report, please click here.

FY2022 Impact Report.


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