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What is PPS Fast Charging?


Programmable Power Supply

Each year, smartphones, tablets and other devices get more powerful. Processing speeds increase. Files get larger. Your workload, communications, and most daily activities are more reliant on these tools than ever. As a result, power consumption is at an all-time high, and your device’s battery is left taking the toll.

This means safe and efficient fast charging is now essential. 

To address this trend, Programmable Power Supply (PPS) was added to both leading fast-charge standards available today, Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 and Quick Charge (QC) 4.0. 

What is PPS?

Programmable Power Supply (PPS) is the most advanced charging technology available for USB-C devices. It provides the ability to control the voltage and current of your power supply down to the smallest levels, thus working more efficiently with the device you’re charging.

For example, when using a wall charger to power up your device’s battery, voltage supply is sent to a battery charge control circuit, and it’s system provides the proper voltage and current to charge the battery in your device. However, this works best when the system is standardized. Which is not always the case.

By recognizing your device’s charging status every few seconds, PPS automatically adjusts to ensure the most efficient use of power, reducing the amount of heat generated, and preserving the lifespan of your device’s battery. 

PPS Benefits


Are any products supported by PPS?

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung S20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Note10, Samsung S21, and a range of laptops support PPS.

However, to take advantage of the PPS benefit, you’ll need a charger that features this new standard.

Check out the latest PPS enabled solutions from Nimble:


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