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Let’s Take E-Waste Recycling Mainstream



VICTRA x Nimble launch drop-off program at over 900 stores nationwide.


Here’s the truth. Electronic waste is surging. Up 21% from five years ago. By 2030, humans will produce over 74 million tons of new e-waste each year.

Sounds like a massive problem? It is. Gadgets are here to stay, but we can lessen the environmental impact through the power of recycling. 

Nearly all electronics are recyclable, yet less than 18% is actually recycled. Despite 6+ hours per day of electronic device use, 44% of adults don’t know how to responsibly recycle their e-waste, while 36% didn’t even know electronics were recyclable.

It’s time to make e-waste recycling easier than ever.
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In partnership with VICTRA--the leading Verizon premium retailer in the US--we’re expanding our One-for-One Tech Recovery Project to bring free e-waste recycling to over 900 store locations nationwide. 

Anyone can get involved. To recycle your old electronics (and old plastic phone cases!) at a Victra-owned Verizon store in your community, visit or to find a convenient drop-off location. A sales associate will be available in-store to receive your waste items and assist with questions.

Little by little, we’re making progress. With VICTRA joining the Nimble community, we hope every tech retailer in the country will soon get onboard.


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