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Earth Day 2019: A Nimble Contribution

Earth Day Everyday

For some, Earth Day is every day. We applaud those that take steps to consider, and advocate for Mother Nature all year long. 🙏🏽 But today, we encourage our entire community to take further action and support groups solely committed to the benefit of our planet.

One such group is Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the responsible reuse, repair, and recycling of electronic products through development of safe, eco-friendly practices and increased accessibility to certified recyclers

15% of all revenue generated today (April 22, 2019) through will be donated to SERI to help support the work they do.


SERI is also the housing-body for the R2 Standard and works with a coalition of partners to raise awareness about electronics repair and recycling issues around the world.

SERI R2 Standard

The R2 Standard provides a common set of processes, safety measures, and documentation requirements for businesses that repair and recycle used electronics. R2 is rigorously and independently audited, emphasizing quality, safety and transparency. More than 800 facilities are currently R2 certified in 31 countries, including our own E-Waste recycling partner, Homeboy Electronics Recycling in Los Angeles.

Homeboy Electronics Recycling Staff

At Nimble, we’re committed to being E-Waste neutral by 2022. That means for every product we produce or sell, we empower our customers to properly recycle their obsolete electronics and accessories. Organizations like SERI are ensuring there’s a certified E-Waste recycler in every neighborhood.

Nimble Circuit Board

Why does this matter?

E-Waste is the fastest growing stream of trash on the planet worldwide.

How you ask? Well, the average household owns over 80 devices now. Given that personal technology is designed to become obsolete and upgraded every few years, the number of devices sitting in a junk drawer, being sent to an everyday recycler that cannot process it, or sent straight to a landfill is growing.

As a society, we’re making great strides in reducing plastic use and finding alternatives to precious materials.

It’s beyond time where E-Waste should also be front and center.

Join us this Earth Day in helping do just that.


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