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How to Use Portable Battery Chargers

Nimble Portable Charger

What if you never had to worry about finding a wall outlet again?

Smartphones are virtually indispensable, and as other gadgets become more integrated into our daily lives, we’ve grown reliant on keeping everything charged. At the same time, improvements to battery capacity for most devices remains relatively stagnant.

Today, the need for portable battery chargers as a backup power source is as vital as ever.

Portable battery chargers power up your mobile devices anywhere, replacing the need to desperately plug into a conventional wall outlet when on-the-go. These chargers act as handy power replenishers for the battery inside your smartphone, or any compatible gadget.

Available in all shapes, colors and sizes, it’s important to select a model that best fits your needs. Whether it’s a small and compact option that’ll get you through the day, or a larger, more powerful model with enough to juice you and your entire crew for the weekend. For example, Nimble Portable Chargers offer a wide range of sizes and power capacities.

Portable battery chargers are simple to use, and convenient to carry depending on the size of the battery they contain. Simply follow these basic steps:

      1. Power your portable battery charger before use by plugging it into a wall outlet or some other power source until it's fully charged. Then unplug it from the wall outlet.
      2. Attach the charging cable to the appropriate port on the portable battery charger, then connect it to the charging port on your mobile device.
      3. Be sure the portable battery charger is properly turned on, according to instructions.
      4. A power indicator on the portable battery charger will let you know the transfer of power to your mobile device has started. Feel free to also use the device while charging. This may cause you recharge speed to vary, but not by much.
      5. Once your mobile device reaches the desired level of power needed, remove the charging cable from the mobile device.

Nimble Portable Chargers

Fresh battery. Without the wall outlet.



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