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International E-Waste Day 2021

In 2021, each person across the world will produce on average 16.8lbs of electronic waste. Which means 63.3 million tons of new e-waste generated worldwide.

International E-Waste Day
Due to the pandemic, many businesses and schools were forced to work from home last year. This resulted in a 4.6% year-over-year surge in new electronic product purchases to support this transition. A trend that is expected to continue through 2021.

Unfortunately, only 17.4% will be properly collected, treated and recycled.

At this current recycling rate -- and with global e-waste levels increasing by over 3% every year -- progress in the fight against the fastest growing waste stream on the planet is underwhelming.

Around the world, government initiatives as well as efforts by retailers and other large companies are taking place to address this growing crisis. However, without direct participation by consumers, none of it will be as effective.

Consumer education and action are the key elements to making circularity a reality for e-products.

As a company focused on manufacturing and selling new electronics, we’ve made combating e-waste a centerpiece of our mission since 2018. We knew talking about the problem alone -- without a proactive solution to the waste we’re generating ourselves -- wasn’t going to cut it. Somehow our customers must be part of the solution.

One-for-One Tech Recovery Project

As a result, we decided to remove up to a pound of e-waste with the purchase of every Nimble product through our One-for-One Tech Recovery Project. Then earlier this year, we introduced over 900 drop-off locations nationwide. Even with these initiatives in place, it remains up to you -- the customer -- to take action.

This #EwasteDay (and everyday), we encourage you to get involved by visiting one of our drop-off locations. If you’re in need of a Nimble product and willing to take advantage of our free e-waste recycling program, use promo code EWASTE20 for 20% OFF your entire order at

Today, it’s as important as ever to be aware of the options that exist for your end-of-life electronics. Our planet depends on it.


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