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It’s Time to Go GaN


What is GaN


Most chargers today use electricity transistors made of silicon. These make up the chips inside your charger. Unfortunately, silicon is limited when it comes to how big a charger can be. And, how much heat it generates in action.

GaN is the next evolution. More’s ideal for ultra-fast charging accessories. 

Gallium nitride (GaN) transfers more power--faster--while using less heat (or energy) than silicon. By reducing the amount of energy used when charging, critical components can work closer together, so your product is more compact, and ultimately has a longer lifespan.

The result is a super efficient charger that’s safer and smaller, with less impact on the environment and more dependable for years to come.


GaN isn’t new. For decades, this tech was being used in white LED light strips and TV displays. 

When it comes to chargers, the benefits of GaN are even more evident for larger devices like laptops, which require a lot more juice. Typically, in order to power these devices, a bulky charger was unavoidable. But again, GaN drastically reduces this size, leaving you with a tinier laptop charger than ever before.

For example, our new WALLY Wall Charger provides up to 65W in a package half the size of wall chargers with similar output speeds.

In recent years, smartphone users are getting faster and faster charge speeds from their devices. Often times, this means the charger included will be larger, while wasting much more heat (or energy) compared to lower power alternatives.

GaN reduces the size these chargers need to be, and limits the amount of heat generated allowing for a safer charging experience.

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