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Earth Month 2022 - #BeAccountable

“Accountability isn’t just about making and keeping commitments – it’s about transparency.”

Caring for the environment is an act of mutual respect between humans and Mother Nature. Earth gives us everything we need. Air. Food. Water. Pets! In turn, we take steps to limit our footprint, preserve and restore. It’s a pretty fair deal. An agreement even the youngest among us can grasp.

To remind ourselves of this primordial pact, over 190 countries across the world come together every April to celebrate Earth Month. This year’s official global theme is “Invest in Our Planet.” Calling on everyone to divest from unsustainable investments; support eco-conscious brands and products; and to use your own skills and voice to fight climate change.

For the Nimble Community, these are core values year-round. Except, Earth Month is a key moment in time. A platform to be especially vocal. To reinforce our contract with nature through advocacy for change and commitment to action.

This year, we’re adding “accountability” to the equation by exploring specific ways to be more answerable for our environmental impact through transparency.

What does it mean to #BeAccountable?

When it comes to our planet’s health, we’re all on the hook. From the largest corporations to individual citizens, everyone is responsible. Not just for taking steps to protect our ecosystem, but to galvanize each other with a sense of urgency.

🌎  To #BeAccountable, share HOW you're doing your part, so others are inspired to do the same. 🌍

Your daily decisions make a difference. We all have the power to do good when choosing what to buy. 

Leading retailers are realizing that lower impact alternatives to everyday products exist, without a compromise on quality. It’s the “new premium” concept Nimble was built upon.

For example, as ethically made personal tech emerges, retailers such as Verizon, Target, T-Mobile, Staples and Office Depot are stepping up to lead the charge by offering Nimble products nationwide.

Ultimately, it’s up to you–the customer–to seek out brands taking transparency and accountability seriously. Not sure what to look for? A good place to start is by identifying products with Certified B Corp, Climate Neutral Certified, or 1% for the Planet logos. Each being trustworthy indicators that the product you purchase, and the brand behind it, are verified in taking measurable steps toward a healthier environment.

Then, when you find a product you believe in…tell people about it. Maybe share a link!

“There comes a time when what is needed is not just rhetoric, but boots on the ground.”

Truth is, boots cost money. As greater challenges and graver consequences face our planet, every cent counts. Across the US, nearly 15,000 registered nonprofits are focused on environmental and animal welfare. With such a robust selection, you have the opportunity to support issues and communities that matter most to you by investing in real people doing the work.

The 1% for the Planet network currently certifies donations for over 4,000 nonprofit organizations dedicated to everything from ocean plastic and CO2 removal to protecting natural habitats and the wildlife within. Over the years, we’ve supported numerous groups within this network and are thrilled to be adding the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to that list this year.

Along with the impact your donation (or volunteerism) could make, supporting a nonprofit organization is the ideal platform for sharing your commitment with others, and igniting enthusiasm around a cause you’re most passionate about.

Giving breeds inspiration. And few things demonstrate accountability more than your hard earned dollar.

No matter how big or small the metric is, people respond to measurable progress.

It’s not uncommon to see new job promotions, internet game high scores, or personal fitness triumphs in our social media feeds. Few things inspire or motivate more than directly exposing friends, family, and acquaintances to the progress we make in our daily lives.

Imagine updating your followers with how many bags of trash you cleared off a local beach. Or how many pounds of aluminum cans you recycled last month. Perhaps send an email to your annual holiday party invitees or local church group detailing the amount of electricity saved from installing new solar panels on your home. 

It's Earth Month! Promote your commitments. Amplify your causes. Most importantly, embrace transparency.

Don’t be shy. #BeAccountable.


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