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Drop Em’, Then Rock Em’

The Nimble Dual Wireless Pad is Perfect for Charging Your New Apple AirPods and iPhone.

The Apple Announcement

If you’re like us and use Apple’s AirPods, you love them. Admit it.

So, an announcement about the long-awaited second-generation AirPods is likely of interest. How would Apple improve upon one of their best accessories released in years?

Well, right away the new Apple Wireless Charging Case stood out.

Gone are the days of remembering to PLUG IN your AirPods before slipping into bed, heading to the gym, or embarking on your morning commute. With the new generation of AirPods, simply drop them on a wireless charging pad and they’re ready to use in no time.

Upgrade your current AirPods?

It’s a personal decision, but we recommend not upgrading just yet and instead, just nab the Wireless Charging Case to expand your Gen 1 capabilities to include Wireless Charging.

Once your current Airpods’ battery dies for good (which unfortunately, could be soon), it’s time to upgrade to Gen 2. Don't just throw them into the trash or giveaway pile! They're considered e-waste once obsolete. We recommend you responsibly recycle them through a certified e-waste recycler in your area. Or, take advantage of services some of your favorite brands offer, such as our One-for-One Tech Recovery Project. For every Nimble product purchased, we provide a prepaid shipping label to recycle up to 1 lb. of e-waste.

Nimble Wireless Pad charges AirPods

The Nimble Wireless Chargers are compatible with Your New Apple AirPods and iPhone.

How to Wirelessly Charge Your AirPods

Whether you decide to upgrade or just get the charging case for your current AirPods, you’ll want to get the best Qi-compatible wireless charging pad out there.

Unfortunately, most wireless charging pads available only power a single device. Not helpful if you plan to charge your iPhone, too.

Naturally, we recommend the Nimble Dual Wireless Pad. Wirelessly charge both your iPhone and AirPods, simultaneously, at the fastest charging speeds possible. Looks great, too.

Oh, and it’s made from plants and recycled plastic bottles. In case trashing the planet isn’t your thing.

Nimble Wireless Pad and AirPods

The Nimble Dual Wireless Pad is Perfect for Charging New Apple AirPods and iPhone.

How Wireless Chargers Work

Simply position your new Airpods or wirelessly capable iPhone (8 or newer) on the wireless charger, as instructed, and bam! You’re wirelessly charging.

Wireless chargers emit an alternating magnetic field via an internal transmitter coil, which in turn induces an alternating voltage (or current) in the receiver coil, located inside your device. This transferred energy is used to charge up your device.

Have a case on your device? Not to worry. Nimble wireless chargers will still push power through cases up to 3mm thick.

Keep in mind, you’ll need at least a single cable, which runs from the wall to the charger itself. However, once the pad is connected to power, you’ll never have to fuss with cables or wires when looking to start charging your device. An indicator light on the charger lets you know when your device is receiving power and is required to flash as a warning if there is a foreign object detected, interference, or the device is not aligned properly.

 Simple. Convenient. Fast.


  • Navid Eslami: April 22, 2020

    Hi my airpods (newest gen) won’t charge wirelessly with my charging pad.

  • Alex Miceli: April 22, 2020

    I am extremely pleased with my new Nimble charger. It makes life so much easier and is built for the function that’s advertised. Worth the purchase.

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