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Are Wireless Chargers Safe?

Are Wireless Chargers Safe?

Is wireless charging safe?

In 2017, wireless charging earned its biggest awareness boost to-date when Apple announced the feature would be available in its latest lineup of iPhone devices. Since then, many users have adopted it. Yet, one of the more common questions about this relatively new technology remains. “Is it safe?”

Yes. It Wireless Charging is safe.

The typical wireless charging is no more dangerous than the use of radio waves, and no evidence of negative effects to humans have been found when exposed to inductive charging. And for years, it’s been used in many common products such as contactless payment and electric toothbrushes.

What is Induction Charging?

Essentially, inductive charging - the most common standard for wireless charging found in the market - is when a small electromagnetic field is generated around a transmitter. This field is captured by a receiver that turns it into power, then passes it along to a battery inside a device to be charged.  

Wireless Charging Is Safer in More Environments

Most wireless charging hardware is thoughtfully encased in protective housing, which allows for safe charging in more environments.

So, feel free to explore all the great wireless charging Nimble products options available today for wirelessly charging your personal devices, and take advantage of the ease and convenience it offers.



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