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Are Wireless Chargers Safe?

Are Wireless Chargers Safe?

Is Wireless Charging safe?

In 2017, “wireless charging” earned its biggest boost to-date when Apple announced their latest iPhone lineup featured the relatively new technology. Since then, many have adopted it. Two years later, one of the most common questions about wireless charging remains. “Is it safe?”

Yes. Wireless Charging is safe. For you and your phone.

Wireless Charging uses inductive charging

What is Induction Charging?

“Inductive charging,” also known as wireless charging, is the most common form of cable-free charging found in the market. It occurs when a small electromagnetic field is generated around a transmitter inside the wireless charger. This field is captured by a receiver that turns it into power, and passes it along to a battery inside a device to be charged.

The wireless charging process is no more dangerous to your health than the use of radio waves, and there’s been no evidence of negative effects to humans when exposed to inductive charging.

To ensure safe charging in most environments, quality wireless charging hardware is securely encased in protective material. For years, many common goods, such as contactless payment and electric toothbrushes, included wireless charging capabilities.

Wireless Charging is safe for you and your phone

Wireless Charging Is Safer in More Environments

Okay, it’s safe for you. What about your phone?

The debate over various charging methods and its cumulative effects on the battery life of your devices has raged on for years. Ultimately, a fully charged device far outweighs any perceived risk of long-term battery damage.  The important thing to know is the risk of battery damage by maintaining a full charge, or by “topping off” throughout the day, is minimal. All thanks to significant advancements in battery management systems within newer devices, and improvements in the technology of the actual battery cells.

Hopefully, you now feel a bit more at ease with the technology. Now, feel free to explore all the wireless charging options available today, and take advantage of the ease and convenience it offers.

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